October 25, 2021

Alyssa Milano on Being Unapologetic and Her New Book “Sorry Not Sorry”

For a special episode of Sorry Not Sorry, Alyssa Milano leaves the host’s microphone and takes the guest chair to discuss her new book “Sorry Not Sorry,” which releases October 26th.  She discusses the process of writing, her life as an activist, her family, and her recent trip to Washington DC to advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Praise for Sorry Not Sorry
“Actor Milano puts her political activism center stage in these resonant and hopeful essays that grapple with systemic racism, abortion rights, #MeToo, and living through the pandemic… Milano’s writing is compassionate, direct, and sincere. Her fans are in for a treat.”—Publishers Weekly

“[Alyssa Milano] is earnest and edgy… as she shares sharp observations, impassioned pleas, and tough assessments on the current state of American society. Readers interested in discussing contemporary issues will find much to agree (or disagree) with in this engaging and provocative volume.”—Booklist

“In this book, Alyssa Milano demonstrates the importance of using your platform—no matter how big or small—to shape social change unapologetically, without fear of backlash.”
—Gabrielle Union, New York Times bestselling author of We’re Going to Need More Wine

“You may know Alyssa Milano for her public acts of bravery and compassion, but in these essays, her personal example helps each of us to become braver and more effective, too. Read Sorry, Not Sorry and find a friend.”
—Gloria Steinem

“These essays capture the American spirit at its best—bold, patriotic, progressive, and honest. In difficult times, they were a pleasure to read.”
—Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“Alyssa Milano is a real fighter, a caring person and passionate advocate who has helped move the needle on so many progressive issues that matter to our democracy and America.”
—Chuck Schumer

“Honest, incisive, funny, real and all too human, Sorry Not Sorry gives you insight into what it means to be both an artist and activist in today’s America.”
—Andrew Yang

“Honest, unsparing, and at times humorous self reflection that gets at where we are and what we’ve been through together.”
—Beto O’Rourke

“This book is an unflinching and self-aware look into the life of one of the most visible progressives in America. Everyone who cares about this country should read it.”
—Ro Khanna, member of Congress

“Alyssa Milano is smart, thoughtful, leader who leads with courage, sincerity, and love. Her essays offer critical insights and important solutions to many of the formidable issues of our time, providing a pathway for us to come together and navigate through our country’s greatest challenges.”
—Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State

“Alyssa Milano is an actress, activist, and great patriot, whose love of country shines through her book, Sorry Not Sorry. Part memoir, part call to action, Milano delivers critical insights and lessons on life, politics, family and country, and always with humor and passion. In vivid prose, she invites the reader into her heart and home, and gives us a keen sense of what drives her advocacy. Alyssa has been a fearless champion for people, and it’s no surprise that her book is an unsparing look at the fights of the last decade, and the present struggle to save our democracy.”
—Adam Schiff


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