September 6, 2021

Back to School with NYC High School Teacher Sari Beth Rosenberg

Schools are getting back in session for the third academic year impacted by COVID-19. To discuss this, along with the weaponization of education and educators by right-wing political forces, critical race theory, and more, we’ve invited Sari Beth Rosenberg on the show. Sari is a public high school teacher in Manhattan, whose career was originally due to start on September 11th, 2001. She is a frequent host of online programming for PBS Newshour, the advisor of Feminist Eagles, a feminist student organization and a sought out expert on all things education.


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Protecting Teachers from Delta
Mask debates rage as schools reopen while delta variant spreads - ABC News

Florida and Texas Mask Mandates
School districts starting to challenge governors on mask mandates - CNBC

Right Wing Attacks on CRT
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Inability to teach racism
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Parents Protest Curriculum
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9/11 stuck in manhattan
The 9/11 Boat Rescue that Saved Half a Million People | I Was There - VICE

Canada Paying Residents
Canada Giving 2000 dollars per month to its residents? | CERB Canada | Desi Chale Canada

Biden Calls Florida, Texas School Mask Mandates 'Totally Counterintuitive'

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