October 19, 2020

Bringing Democracy to the People: Amanda Litman and Kat Calvin

This episode features two amazing women doing hugely important things for our democracy. Our first guest is Amanda Litman. Amanda is the co-founder and executive director of Run for Something, an organization supporting young candidates running in state and local elections. Later in the program, we hear from Kat Calvin, founder and executive director of Spread the Vote, a non-profit dedicated to clearing obstacles that keep poor people from getting the IDs needed to vote.

Have you made your voting plan? Have you voted yet? It’s not too late, and your democracy needs you. Visit IWillVote.com to get started.


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Starting Small
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Number of people without Voter ID
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Criminalizing Poverty
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Show Credits

Host: Alyssa Milano
Executive Producer: Alyssa Milano
Associate Producer: Ben Jackson
Editing and Sound Production: Natasha Jacobs
Music by: Josh Cooke & Eleisha Eagle