June 3, 2019

Erin Brockovich: Clean Water Activist

Erin Brockovich is a consumer advocate and clean water activist who continues to inspire people to take control of their health.  She shares her story, the importance of clean water, and why we need to start making America’s infrastructure, our water and our health and welfare a national priority.

On this episode, Erin sits down with Alyssa to talk about Hinkley, Flint, and what’s happening in cities across the country. She explains “Hinkley taught us that corporations can hide information. Flint taught us governments can hide information.” She also shares why this is actually an amazing moment in our country, and how we can implement change. Erin has partnered with Peter Spiegel, whose company AquaTru has developed a countertop reverse osmosis water purification system, which can remove PFAS chemicals, which can cause cancer and other diseases.



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