July 26, 2021

Fighting for the Soul of Democracy with Edward-Isaac Dovere of the Atlantic

Donald Trump and his regime posed a serious threat to the very soul of our nation. Beginning with Hillary Clinton’s loss and continuing through Joe Biden’s decisive victory, Isaac Dovere provides us with unprecedented behind-the-scenes reporting of the Democratic Party’s fight to defeat Trump and restore America by retaking the White House.

Edward discusses his new book Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaign to Defeat Trump, and the insights he gained while writing it.

Praise for Battle For the Soul:


“In the tradition of Theodore White’s The Making of the President . . . . A riveting account . . . filled with turning point moments. . . . Scenes jump off the page.”
—The Washington Post

“Essential reading. . . . Dovere’s first book is informed and granular, filled with up-close quotes and lacerating observations, a must-read for newsrooms and political junkies. . . . Battle for the Soul provides ample warning and plenty of food for thought.”
—Lloyd Green, The Guardian

“A wide-ranging history of a tangled campaign.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“An incisive and deeply reported portrait of the Democratic party in exile during the Trump presidency . . . . Littered with rich characterizations, wry humor, and impressive insider access.”
—Publishers Weekly

“There’s so much in it. It’s so dishy. It’s so fantastic. You’ll learn a lot.”
—Julie Mason, SiriusXM

“Candy. . . . Even if you think you know the dynamics, you read a great book like this by a great reporter, and you learn these new things.”
—John King, CNN

“One juicy book.”
—Alex Witt, MSNBC

“It is outstanding. Strongly recommend. I think it is probably the best read of the 2020 campaign. The success of the book is that it doesn’t get bogged down in the horse race, electoral math type thing, but it talks about the personalities, how the personalities drove what happened in an extraordinarily unpredictable campaign.”
—Charlie Sykes, The Bulwark

“Highly recommend – it is a dynamite book.”
—John Fugelsang, SiriusXM

“An extraordinary new book.”
—Thom Hartmann

“The inside campaign details I was craving. . . . Buy the book.”
—Dave Weigel, The Washington Post


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