March 2, 2020

Katie McHugh: White Nationalism in the White House

Katie McHugh is a former white nationalist who renounced those views and is working hard to undo the damage she did when she held them. She is a former writer for alt-right propaganda websites The Daily Caller and Breitbart, where she was in constant correspondence with Stephen Miller, now a key aide to Donald Trump. In conjunction with the Southern Poverty Law Center, Katie exposed those emails and the deep ties of Miller and others to the white nationalist movement in America.

In this sobering episode, Alyssa Milano is joined by guest co-host Hassan Ahmad. Hassan is an immigration attorney and anti-white nationalist activist who is suing to expose the papers of eugenicist and FAIR founder John Tanton, currently sequestered at the University of Michigan. Alyssa, Hassan, and Katie delve into the white nationalist movement, the ways young people are recruited into white nationalist organizations, and the depth of this abhorrent philosophy in our government and right-wing media.

For a PDF transcript, click below:

TRANSCRIPT – White Nationalism in the White House Alyssa Milano Sorry Not Sorry


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Show Credits

Host: Alyssa Milano
Executive Producer: Alyssa Milano
Associate Producer: Ben Jackson
Editing and Sound Production: Natasha Jacobs
Sound Recordist: Duncan Ober
Music by: Milo Bugliari, Josh Cooke & Eleisha Eagle