May 24, 2021

Raising Joyful, Change-Making Girls with Janice Johnson Dias

Episode 110 Transcript

I’m so excited for this week’s episode. Raising girls in a way that empowers them to break barriers and change the world is one of the most important things we can do as parents. This week, I’m joined by Dr. Janice Johnson Dias, author of the new book Parent Like It Matters: How to Raise Joyful, Change-Making Girls. – Alyssa

Praise For Parent Like It Matters: How To Raise Joyful, Change-Making Girls…

“I keep a copy of the book by my bedside as a reference and as a reminder that I am working to build a reciprocal relationship with my own daughter and to ensure she goes into the world as a confident, knowing woman.”—The Washington Post

“In Parent Like It Matters, Dr. Janice Johnson Dias offers an impressive and bold roadmap for those who seek to engage passion and joy as essential elements of developing girls who thrive. Her honest and rigorous offering is a gift to parents, educators, and all adults in search of tools to cultivate the brilliance of our girls.”—Monique W. Morris, Ed.D. author of Pushout and Executive Director of Grantmakers for Girls of Color

“I am beyond proud of my mom and her new book Parent Like It Matters! This story is a combination of faith in the power of children’s voices and a guide for focus-driven parenting, which will inspire a new generation of young change makers.”—Marley Dias, author of Marley Dias Gets It Done

“This book is an eloquent testimony from a caring mother and a practical parenting guide from an acclaimed sociologist, with advice on everything from introducing your tween to social media to helping her lift her voice for change in this world.”—Kwame Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of Light for the World to See

“If you have a Black girl in your life- daughter, niece, neighbor, student- you owe it to her to read this book. Part memoir, part advice column, part workbook, Dr. Janice Johnson Dias has crafted a wholly originally, deeply challenging, and expansively joyful guide to walking beside the girl in your life as she finds voice, courage, purpose, and self.”—Melissa Harris-Perry, co-host of the podcast System Check and the Maya Angelou Presidential Chair at Wake Forest University

“Parent Like It Matters gives me hope for girls to dream themselves into the future as healed, whole, powerful, actualized women—because this book will help to cocreate healed, whole, powerful, actualized parents to support them on their journey.”—EbonyJanice Moore, Hip Hop Womanist Scholar and Founder of Black Girl Mixtape & The Free People Project

“Parent Like It Matters is a stunning and pathbreaking how-to guide and memoir for every mom, dad or caregiver who believes in rearing children to be healthy individuals and caring citizens. Combining her talents as a leading sociologist, the wisdom of her grandmother, and the experience of raising talented change-agents in her community, Dr. Johnson Dias makes clear in this beautifully written book that there may be no more important responsibility.”—Khalil Gibran Muhammad, author of The Condemnation of Blackness


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